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Vantage Controls has been manufacturing home lighting control systems for almost two decades. Illuminations By Curtis became licensed Vantage dealers in 2002. We had always been on the lookout for a lighting control system that could not only provide us with what we needed but also mirror the excellent performance of the other products that we endorse. Given that a large part of our business is servicing what we sell, we had to be confident that whatever we chose we could stand behind. After trial runs with “the big three” control manufacturers, Vantage surpassed our expectations, and has worked flawlessly for us ever since.

Vantage provides a full range of lighting control for both existing and new homes. Software programming is the life-blood of any Vantage system. A central controller stores and executes all of the programming. The status of the Vantage system can then be securely accessed remotely, either via telephone, PDA or over the internet.

In a new home, pre-wiring for a Vantage system is accomplished by pulling a simple non-polarized two-wire bus cable from keypad to keypad, and then back to the controller. All keypads can then communicate with each other, allowing full control of any of the loads connected to the system from literally anywhere in the home.
In existing homes, the Vantage RadioLink system provides all of the features of the “hard-wired” system, without installaing any new wiring at all. Existing switches are removed, and keypads put in their place. The central controller can be put virtually anywhere there is a power supply. The controller can then communicate with any keypad within a 100-foot radius. Installation is quick and automation and control is immediate.
The system can communicate directly with a hard-wired system, and is fully expandable.
RadioLink is the perfect solution for providing full control in a finished residence, or as an “addition” to a pre-wired system.

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Douglas Controls offer a user-friendly, low-voltage latching relay system, which Illuminations by Curtis has been using for our outdoor lighting since 1982. If simple control of multiple levels of lighting is required, Douglas is one of the best solutions. Switches are designed so that three buttons fit into a single gang box. LED indicator lights on each switch provide “at-a-glance” status of the switch. This trouble-free system is flexible and fully expandable.


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