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Landscape Fixtures: Well Lights

Well lights are similar to buried fixtures, however they are much more conducive to residential properties. The housing, either brass or aluminum, is gasketed and covered by a tempered glass lens. It is then "suspended" inside the PVC sleeve, leaving the actual lamp approximately 4 inches below the grade level. The directional grill (preferably Brass) is all that is seen once this fixture is installed in the ground.

By positioning the light source below grade, glare on all sides is reduced, allowing the showcased subjects to be viewed from all angles or one specific direction. The well light enhances the use of clear mercury vapour lamps, creating spectacular up light effects. Regular maintenance is required, as the grill design allows debris to fall right through into the sleeve, in lieu of settling on top of the fixture. Well lights are an extremely versatile supplement to any lighting system.




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