FlexibilityLine-Voltage vs Low-Voltage Retrofits


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Much of our business is coming in and redoing and replacing the old lighting system.

Initially the lighting was secondary or done by the landscape, irrigation or electrical contractor on site at the time of the original project. Since then trees and other plant materials have matured and the original lighting design has not stood the Test of Time.

This can be an expensive and labour intensive project with the matured root systems and perennials beds.

Our techniques have evolved with time and experience. Methods used have proven solid over the test of time. Lamp replacements are reduced. Enjoyment levels are increased.

Our 120-volt PL and 120-volt led, 30-volt led and 12-volt led retrofits are perfect to replace your old fixtures. These lower wattage systems may allow us to use of the exiting electrical without over loading. Reductions in energy consumption by employing more efficient light sources or more extensive lighting with a focus on design for larger and smaller objects.



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