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Well-designed lighting is a crucial factor in achieving full functionality of any living space, both indoor and outdoor. However, the control of that lighting is just as important as the design itself; proper lighting control can easily transform a good lighting design into a spectacular one.

Lighting control should achieve three primary objectives: provide dimming & preset scenes, provide for security lighting, and be aesthetically complimentary to the décor of the space. Over and above all of these however, it is imperative that the lighting control system be effortless for the client to operate. Much like the computer-based automobiles of today, it is not the driver’s responsibility to know how all of the options work – they just expect that when they turn the key, things begin to happen. A lighting control system should operate on that same principle.

The knowledge and expertise of Illuminations by Curtis allows us to offer any project an effective and sensible solution for its lighting control; one that is both easy to operate and tailored to suit the needs of the end user.



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